Chapter 19 – {Two Sisters – A Dialogue – Act 3}

Two Sisters - A Dialogue - Act 3

Two Sisters – A Dialogue

Act 3

(The curtain rises. Chloe, Clara’s identical twin sister grows impatient with the “situation.” She speaks.)

“Okay, Clara. I’ve heard enough and I’ve seen enough. Now for the last time, are you going to come home with me and stop this nonsense? You are acting like a child.”

“Listen Chloe, I do admit it was childish to run away from home on account of that spineless ex-fiancé’s rejection. But . . . I’ve been here awhile now and I’ve had the chance to do some thinking. Why do I have to accept conditions as they are . . . especially if these conditions are unfair in our case as members of the Bactrian tribe? You know, Chloe, this life we live . . . it is not a dress rehearsal . . . this is it! Should we simply plod our way through to the end because this is what is expected of us? I say NO and NO again! Maybe YOU want to make Father happy by working in a caravan but then YOU were always the good one and the favorite. Mother may be crying each night but I think she really cries tears of joy for my escaping such a hopeless situation. I wish she could also run away and join me here.”

“Well, I see there is no talking to you. This desert heat has obviously affected your mind. I’ve wasted enough of my precious time trying to talk some sense into you. So now I am leaving – come home whenever your mind clears up . . . probably sometime in the far distant future. GOOD-BYE!”

“Wait, Chloe, wait! Turn around! I want you to see something! I am sticking out my elongated tongue at your receding posterior. Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

(The curtain falls yet again on our upset ungulate.)

“Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . . . ouch . . . my tongue!”

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