Chapter 52 (We Are Not Alone – Part 3)

We Are Not Alone - Part 3

Hmmm, even from the vantage point of this ridge, I see no sign of my dinomaton, Z72XY.

Isn’t there some way for you to contact the robot?

Yes there is, Eliot. I’ve tried using my thought waves but Z72XY’s circuits do not seem receptive right now.

Wow . . . thought waves!

Yes, that is how we controllers generally communicate with each other and our devices.

I tried that one time but nothing happened. Clara, do you remember?

Oh yes, your famous oasis meditation experiment – trying to bring an oasis to you rather than go to the oasis. Why I was involved with that I’ll never know.

Well, Clara, thought waves can do powerful things . . . when applied correctly. For example, we controllers travel through the universe on thought waves.

We saw that streak of light last night – I was wondering why there was no trace of your spaceship.

No spaceship needed . . . simply a concentration of thought to move matter – myself and Z72XY.


Yes, but standing here scanning the horizon in all directions is making me feel a little depressed.

Depressed? Why?

The last time we passed by your planet, we marveled at how beautiful it was – it was alive . . . a paradise . . . a self-sustaining organism. We could see life would flourish here. You might be surprised to know that in all the vast universe we have explored, there was no planet to compare with this one. No planet had just the right combination of seasons, sustenance for life, and a balanced system. But now . . .


Now your planet has died. Only deserts and scattered life forms, such as yourselves, remain. Something has gone terribly wrong here.

Yes, unfortunately during a short time in our planet’s long history, humankind was the dominant life-form. Their lifestyle . . . a toxic brew of chaos, ego, greed, and ignorance . . . well, you can see what they left us. If only they self-destructed sooner . . . if only.

Wait! There it is! I see Z72XY on that mound in the distance.