Chapter 51 (We Are Not Alone – Part 1)

We Are Not Alone - Part 1
We Are Not Alone – Part 1

Clara, I think what we saw last night was a meteorite. It vanished right behind this dune.

Definitely something worth investigating.


Did you say something?

No Elliot, it wasn’t me.


There it is again! It’s coming from behind that dune! YIKES! Clara, Look out!

BEEP – BEEP – BEEP – BEEP! Grpiy, dowhsp, woihso, ehsdie!!!

Goodness gracious!

BEEP – Rsiojfgjis sdijewoe sjf gjrij. Hold on a minute, my translation demystifier is computing your language. Earthlings! I have found Earthlings! Oh, my controller will be so happy! But what strange looking beings you are!

Greetings, I am Clara Camel and this is Elliot the elephant . . . and who or what might you be?

BEEP – I am Z72XY from galaxy U23. We are on a scheduled maintenance survey of this planetary system.

We? There are others with you?

BEEP – Just my controller and myself. Every 50 million years we are required to visit each place in the universe where conditions are favorable to support lifeforms.

And the purpose for each visit?

BEEP – To see how any lifeforms have progressed . . . or digressed . . . or . . .


BEEP – . . . or ended. But you two creatures look nothing like what we saw on our last visit.

What do you mean creatures? I am Elliot, a fine representative in the order of Proboscidea. And this is my friend, Clara, a Bactrian camel
in the Ungulate family.

Calm down, Elliot – remember we appear as alien life-forms to this . . . this . . . well, whatever it is. By the way, where IS your controller?

BEEP – We have become separated! I am hoping you can help me find Steg. Soon I will need to have my energy module replenished.

Sure, we will help. Let’s just follow your tracks backwards before the desert wind erases all traces of your path.


Boys and girls, let’s see how much you’ve learned from this chapter of Clara’s amazing adventures. Select the best answer to each question below. The correct answers will appear in our next chapter! Be sure not to miss it!

  1. Proboscidea is:
    A. An allergic reaction causing a skin rash.
    B. An order representing elephants.
    C. A new whitening toothpaste.
  2. Ungulate is:
    A. A side-dish best served with steamed to-fu.
    B. The family that camels belong to.
    C. To speak out when no one is around to listen.
  3. Bactrian is:
    A. Someone who lives in the past rather than the present.
    B. A camel having 2 humps.
    C. A political group advocating the return of togas to replace modern clothing.

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Brought to you in living CamelColor by the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

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