Chapter 50 {In The Lost Land Of The Accountants – Finis}

In The Lost Land Of The Accountants - Finis

Clara, this ugly building looks very similar to the museum we just left.

Yes, all these buildings have the same design – very economical to construct back then.

I think this time I will go inside with you.

Ok, but be careful – it’s dark in there. Stay close to me.

I can’t see my trunk in front of my face!

Shhh! Wait. There is something glowing over in that corner there.

I see it! What is it?

Let’s go over and look . . . CAREFULLY. Don’t touch anything!

I can’t see anything to touch! Wait, I just touched something!

That’s me you just touched.

Oh, what a relief. By the way, have you put on a few pounds recently?

Elliot, will you please concentrate on what we are doing.

OK, OK. What is that thing under the glowing light? It looks like a box with strange writing on the front. See the button in the center?

Yes, I wonder what it is for?

For pushing! What else!

I know for pushing, but the question is, what happens when you push?

You camels are so cautious! We elephants are all about ACTION. Watch this!


This is the final report on the seeding experiment conducted on planet 3 in system 2949X32. The results were the same as those experiments conducted on the other planets. The creatures at the end of the evolutionary chain exhibited the same destructive characteristics we found elsewhere.

They quickly abandoned any semblance of cooperation and eventually broke down into smaller and smaller tribal groups. Self-interest became the paramount virtue where mistrust, lying, cheating, and lack of empathy were looked upon as positive characteristics.

In the end, even the remaining small areas still inhabitable became dead zones as these tribes succumbed to violence, pollution and disease.

At the sound of the beep, please push the button to reset this message. Thank you and have a nice day.



Wow, Clara, did you hear that?

Of course I heard it – I’m standing right next to you!

Well, what do you think?

I’m not surprised, Elliot. At Camel University (good old CU), our history courses revealed that the most destructive life forms to ever inhabit this planet were . . . homo sapiens. Not only destructive to the planet but even more amazing . . . willfully destructive to themselves. Thank goodness we use the past tense in referring to those miserable creatures. Come on, Elliot, let’s get out of this building – there is bad Karma here – I can sense it!

Clara, I have one more question.


Those extra pounds I felt – is that water weight you’re carrying?

I can’t stand it!

= = =

Hindsight brought to you in Future-O-Color by the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film.