Chapter 49 {In The Lost Land Of The Accountants – Part 3}

In The Lost Land Of The Accountants - Part 3

Clara. CLARA!! What’s going on in there? Are you alright?

Elliot, you would not believe what is in this abandoned structure. It is some sort of a museum – a tribute to that long lost race of . . . humans!

A tribute?

I think so. Everything they were most proud of is represented here – although now all covered with dust from the passage of so many years.

Like what?

There are exhibits on Twitter, Facebook, reality shows, music videos, online dating web sites, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, financial derivatives, energy consumption, and gated communities. Strange that they should attach such importance to these things.

Very strange!

Yes, there is even an exhibit celebrating the date non-human corporations were declared to have the same rights and privileges as a living person.

Wow! But Clara, didn’t you see anything that we consider important – like the arts, respect for each other and our environment?

Sadly . . . no. But the design of this building reflects their mentality – totally devoid of feeling . . . of warmth . . . of empathy.

What happened to all those humans?

Who knows . . . but fortunately for us . . . they are gone. Wait! I see another structure in the distance. Let’s go over there and investigate – perhaps we’ll find a clue.

= = =

Brought to you in retrospective color by the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

On the shore at Floyd Bennett Airfield, Brooklyn, USA.