Chapter 48 {In The Lost Land Of The Accountants – Part 2}

Clara, before we go inside this structure from the Lost Land of the Accountants, I didn’t understand what you said before about each person in that society being a line item in a master budget.

Well, Eliot, try to imagine how the concept would be applied today. Someone in charge would have to decide the comparative value between, for example, camels and elephants.


Yes, even between types of camels and types of elephants. For instance, would a Dromedary camel have more worth than a Bactrian camel? In your species, a comparison would be made between the ancient African bush, forest, and Asian elephants.

Wow! I’m not even sure which family of elephants make up my family tree. Wait a minute! Are you saying there is a difference in value between camels and elephants? You’re not implying that camels are superior to elephants, are you? Well, I challenge you to a dual of strength – then we will see who has the most value!

No, no, Eliot. You are buying into exactly what transpired during the reign of this pathetic society. It played upon our baser instincts and ended up pitting one group against another. The results of this bankrupt society are right before your eyes.

Ugh, I apologize, Clara. I can’t believe how quickly my personality changed – those concepts must have triggered a long dormant nerve deep in my elephant subconscious. But now I am a little afraid to go inside.

That’s OK, Eliot. Let me see if I can leap up into the opening . . . oof. There, that did it.

See anything in there?

= = =

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Brought to you in Futuristic Camel-Scope by the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Somewhere in the desert at Floyd Bennett Airfield, Brooklyn, USA.