Chapter 47 {In The Lost Land Of The Accountants – Part 1}

Clara, what is this strange place?

It looks like the remains of a civilization from long, long ago. Let me think for a moment. I remember studying this type of architecture when I attended good old Camel University. Eliot, I do believe we have stumbled upon the remains of the Lost Land of the Accountants!

Wh – a – a – a t?!

Yes, I am sure of it! This was a civilization where the rulers were all certified public accountants – also known as CPA’s. In this society, all humans at birth, depending on their social class, were assigned line items in a master budget. Life and death decisions, quality of life, infrastructure – everything was decided by how it affected both the individual’s social class and the master budget. There was no right or wrong – no morality – no ethics – no empathy for fellow citizens – nothing but . . . costs – or as people were also known . . . liabilities.


Yes, that explains the ugliness of these structures – lacking in any warmth and humanity. What mattered above all was the cost of construction. The master budget prevailed. It also explains why all these buildings look the same. No need for imagination or creativity when all that matters is cost.

Let’s go closer. Maybe there is something interesting to see inside!

= = =

Brought to you in wide-screen CamelScope by the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and good old Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Filmed somewhere in the desert at the rear of Floyd Bennett Airfield, Brooklyn, USA.