Chapter 46 – {The Power of Suggestion}

The Power of Suggestion

Eliot, why are you still back there behind the rocks? Don’t you want to get refreshed at the oasis?

It’s too far, Clara! I’ve decided to try meditation rather than walking in this heat.

Okaaaay. Meditation. And what are you trying to accomplish by meditating?

Well, either I will be transported automatically to the oasis, or . . .

Or what?

Or the oasis will magically move right here where we are standing!

Now I understand!


Yes, now I understand that this heat has fried your elephant brain!

No Clara, seriously! Come over here and we’ll meditate together. Our combined efforts can make this happen!

Okay, okay – I’m coming.

Now do what I’m doing – stare at the oasis in the distance and imagine it getting closer . . . closer . . . closer.

I’m staring – I’m staring!

Strange – nothing seems to be happening.

Strange? That’s not what’s strange! What is strange is that I’m actually doing this with you!

= = =

Boys and girls – can you help Clara and Eliot? Let’s all try meditating together – it’s really easy! Just think about Clara, Eliot, and the oasis in the desert. If we all concentrate together, who knows what can happen! And remember, meditation really builds up a super appetite. So afterwards, ask Mom for a big bowl of CamelOats! Yes, the only cereal where each delicious piece is shaped like a Bactrian camel. CamelOats uses only vintage oats grown in Nevada during the 1950’s when atomic bomb testing was going full blast. CamelOats are irradiated . . . which makes them supercharged – giving you that extra energy boys and girls really need. It’s Clara’s favorite cereal – make it your favorite today!

= = =