Chapter 44- {Be Careful What You Wish For-Part 2}

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 2

In our last episode, Eliot the elephant finally had his wish granted by the Sacred Giant Magic Clam. Eliot’s missing tusk suddenly grew back . . . overnight – which caused much agitation for Clara.

= = =


What’s the matter, Eliot?

I accidentally bumped into this rock with my new tusk.

Be more careful, why don’t you?

Yes, this new tusk will take some getting used to. I don’t feel like my normal self.

Normal? You?

Well, it’s just that my head feels unbalanced now.

Unbalanced? You finally have two tusks – one on each side. What’s the problem now?

My head is so used to having one tusk for such a long time – it automatically adjusted for the weight difference. Now I feel unbalanced with two tusks!

Oh, good grief!

Also, when I had just one tusk, I felt unique – different from all the other elephants. Now I look just like any other elephant. Maybe female elephants won’t find me attractive.

Believe me, Eliot, you are still unique. Besides, I don’t recall any female elephants rushing to your side when you had one tusk.

Clara, when I had one tusk, it was as if I was wearing a patch over one eye. It was an attention getter! That’s it! If I had an eye patch . . . well, it might make everything better.

An eye patch? But there is nothing wrong with your eyes! Besides, the world is not ready for an elephant pretending to be a pirate.

An eye patch is a fashion statement, Clara. Think of it! There is not another elephant on this planet wearing an eye patch. How unique would that be? I could reach such a high level of sophistication with an eye patch – not to mention . . . interestingness.

Eye patch! Eye patch! My camel brain hurts just visualizing it. Eliot, you need to quiet your mind and be thankful your wish has been granted.

= = =