Chapter 43 – {Be Careful What You Wish For}

Be Careful What You Wish For

Clara. CLARA. CLARA!!!

Snore, snxxx, cough. Wha . . .? What is it? What? What? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Look, Clara, look! My missing tusk! It grew back while I was asleep!

I see it . . . but I don’t believe it!

Well, here it is! The Sacred Giant Magic Clam finally granted my wish!

Hmmmm. Yes, it appears that the wish you made a while back has been granted . . . overnight.

Well, you know, he has a lot of responsibilities. Everyone’s requests can’t be addressed at the same time. Maybe all requests are placed in a giant holding queue.

He? Why do you think it is a he? It could be a she, or . . . just it.

Okay then . . . IT! But you see my wish has been granted.

So it seems.

What do you mean, so it seems? You can see the tusk has grown back, right?

Yeesss – I do see you now have two tusks. But this is too much for my brain to handle so suddenly.

You camels are so suspicious. Last night I went to sleep with only one tusk – I wake up today with two tusks. There is only one explanation – my wish has been granted.

Yes, YOUR wish has been granted. But what makes YOU so special? That’s what so difficult for me to understand.

What do you mean, Clara?

I mean with all the suffering I have seen in history, why, why, are YOU suddenly chosen to have a wish granted?


= = =

OUCH? What can this mean? Is there a subtle lesson coming for Eliot, our elephant friend? Boys and girls, stay tuned to this station for the further adventures of . . . Clara. Brought to you by the makers of . . . CamelOats cereal. Yes . . . CamelOats – jam packed with delicious morsels shaped just like Bactrian camels. Two humps give you twice the flavor in every bite! It’s . . . doubly delicious! Ask your Mom to pick up a package of CamelOats today!