Chapter 41 – {The Sacred Giant Magic Clam}

The Sacred Giant Magic Clam

Clara, could this be the Sacred Giant Magic Clam that Woody was talking about?

Elliot, do you see any other giant clams around here? This must be it!

But it is not doing anything!

Remember, Woody said he who rubs his hand against the Sacred Giant Magic Clam will be granted a single wish.

How about my trunk? I’ll just rub my trunk against the shell and then we will see if my missing tusk is restored. (Rub, rub, rub) Hmmm, I don’t feel anything happening. Clara, do you see anything – is my missing tusk starting to reappear?

No . . . nothing yet. Maybe try again.

(Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub) There . . . that was a good rub. Now something will surely happen. Stand back!

I still don’t see anything, Elliot.

Maybe it is asleep? Helloooooooooo! Magic Clam! It’s me . . . Elliot Elephant. I would like my wish to be granted, please. Are you there? Can you hear me? Woody, the petrified tree, said if I rubbed your shell I would be granted a wish. Well I have rubbed and rubbed – now where is my wish?

Elliot, take it easy. This may just be a myth of the desert that has survived for centuries. After all, it looks to be a giant shell – probably from the time of the dinosaurs. But it is a shell . . . nothing more.

But . . . but . . .

Elliot, you have not lost anything more – you still have your one tusk and your health. And who knows . . . perhaps a wish is not granted immediately . . . it may take time.

You’re right Clara. A tusk needs to grow, it cannot appear immediately.

Sure. Hope is what keeps all of us alive and searching . . . searching . . .

Right! Hope! I sure hope we find some peanuts soon!