Chapter 40 – {A New Direction}

A New Direction

Hey! You two over there! Come here, I have something to tell you.

Clara, did you hear that?

Yes, Elliot, it seemed to come from that old petrified tree over there. Wait a minute, it actually has a face – I think it is calling us!

That’s right, travelers. Come closer, my voice is hoarse from centuries of desert dryness.

What can my elephant friend and I do for you?

Why, nothing at all – but because you made such an offer, I have some important information to give you.

And that is . . . ?

Do you both know where you are?

No – the desert has few landmarks and changes with every sandstorm.

You are both a very short distance from meeting The Sacred Magic Clam!

Clara, did you ever hear of such a thing?

No, Elliot. I did spend some time in the Valley of the Clams but I never heard of a sacred magic clam.

Trust me, friends. Just go in direction my arm (oops, I mean branch) is pointing. You cannot miss it!

Tell me, why does this clam have such a title?

Travelers, it is said he who rubs his hand on The Sacred Magic Clam shall be granted a single wish. Do either of you have a desire to fulfill one wish?

For myself, no.

Clara, I have a wish. I would wish to have my other tusk restored. It is so awkward going about with just one tusk.

OK, we will head off in that direction and see what we can find. Well, thank you for the information. Do you have a name?


Well . . . thank you, Woody. And as they use to say in the medical profession eons ago, “Be well!”