Chapter 39 {Light At The End Of The Forest}

Light at the End of the Forest

Clara, you would not believe it! This is definitely the end of the petrified forest. I went exploring down the path and what did I find? An oasis! Water as far as the eye can see. I even took a bath – very refreshing!

What a relief!

You mean, that we found an oasis?

No, that you finally took a bath!

Very funny. You know, it is strange – in all our travels so far, we have not met a living soul. Not even another camel such as yourself. Why is that?

Eliot, the desert now covers most of our planet thanks to the actions of humans many eons ago. Besides the occasional scorpion and some wise monkeys, life is scattered throughout the desert. I don’t mind – unlike my relatives, I am not that sociable anyways. It doesn’t take much before I end up spitting on someone to express my displeasure.

I’ll try to remember that. Where should we go from here?

Well, let’s go back down to the oasis first – I want to cool off also.

Clara, let’s not forget the original reason we took this path.

What was that?

Peanuts . . . peanuts . . . PEANUTS!