Chapter 38 – {Decisions, Decisions}

Decisions, Decisions

Clara, look at this strange marker in the middle of the path. If we go on, we can either go to the right or the left – or we can turn back. What do you think?

Turn back? We camels are full of the spirit of adventure – we should press on. But in which direction? That is the problem. I have an idea! Let us both close our eyes and meditate on these two directions . . . left and right. Afterwards, we can compare which direction came to our mind most often.

I’ve never meditated, Clara. How is that done?

It is simple. First clear your mind of all thoughts except in this case – left and right. Speak softly, “left, right, left, right” until one direction becomes more dominant.

OK, let me try. Left, right, left, right, peanuts, right, left, left, peanuts, left, peanuts, peanuts, PEANUTS!

Elliot, how did peanuts enter into the meditation?

I can’t help it Clara, I’m hungry and when I’m hungry, all I can think of is food.

Well, there is no food in this petrified forest. I guess we will go to the left since that was your dominant choice . . . besides peanuts.

Maybe we will find peanuts on the path to the left?

I prefer cashews . . . but let’s continue on the left – maybe we will reach an oasis.

Yes . . . an oasis . . . with peanuts!