Chapter 37 – {The Maze}

The Maze

Clara, this is amazing. A petrified forest right in the middle of this vast desert! Look at these strange and misshapen branches. I hope we don’t get lost in this maze.

Well, eons ago water may have flowed through here. This area would have been teeming with wildlife.

Do you think our ancestors roamed here – elephants and camels?

Possibly . . . but their physical appearance would not be exactly like ours. My camel ancestry goes back to Procamelus – some species were the size of rabbits. Why are you laughing?

I’m picturing a much smaller version of you hopping around like a rabbit. Hahaha.

Very funny. Your ancestors might have been the wooly mammoths. Imagine yourself much bigger and with loads of hair! It was much colder back then when they were clomping about.

Hair? It’s hot enough right now. I wouldn’t want any hair. Although if the hair was styled correctly, perhaps I would be more attractive to female elephants. I am thinking curls . . . perhaps some highlights . . . or maybe a Mohawk? I should look into getting a wig.

Elliot, will you watch out! You almost walked right into a low hanging branch. Stop worrying about hair and wigs. It is the inner you that will attract the opposite sex. That . . . and a much needed mud bath. Phew! I have to watch which way the wind blows when you are nearby.