Chapter 36 – {Look Before You Leap}

Look Before You Leap

Elliot, will you please slow down and be careful. The desert is full of surprises and some of them can be dangerous.

Sorry, Clara. I guess the excitement of exploration has dulled my cautious instincts. What do you suppose lies beyond this path between the boulders?

We camels are possessed of sharp vision, hearing, AND sense of smell – which reminds me, you might consider taking a bath soon.

Yes, yes . . . camels are wonderful! But can you see anything beyond the pass?

It appears to be the remains of a forest – just some assorted branches, twigs, and trunks.

TRUNKS! You don’t mean elephant trunks, do you?

No, don’t get excited – these are tree trunks. Well, let’s go through to the other side and get a closer look.