Chapter 35 {The Sentinel}

The Sentinel

Wow, Clara, I never realized it got so dark in the desert.

The clouds are covering up the moon right now. If the moon does come out maybe we can see where we are going.

That would be nice. Right now I can’t see my trunk in front of my face.


Ouch! My head!

What happened?

I just banged my head on something metallic. Elliot, why don’t you use your trunk to investigate?

OK, OK, stop pushing!

Wait, the clouds are breaking! What in the world . . . ?

Where did this come from? Outer space, maybe?

By this moonlight now I can see there is a plaque attached with writing and pictures. Look, there is a picture of 2 figures waving hello.

Clara, here is a button – it says, “Push button for message.”

I don’t know, Elliot – maybe something bad will happen if we push that button.

Too late . . . I already pushed it with my elongated trunk. Hey . . . the capsule is talking!

GREETINGS FROM THE PLANET EARTH. If you have found this capsule, it contains all the essential artifacts that made our society so successful. That is . . . until we blew ourselves up due to a slight misunderstanding between religions. All the information inside will enable your people to build skyscrapers, drill for oil, open up 99 cent stores, and carry a portable device monitoring your every move and thought. ENJOY!

What do you think, Clara? Should we try to open it?

Not on your life, Elliot. We have everything we need right now – the desert provides solitude and nourishment. We don’t have to buy anything . . . although it would be nice if there is something inside that repels ticks – nasty creatures.

I hear the wind picking up – I think a sandstorm is coming. We better seek shelter.

Good. The sand will cover up this cursed object – hopefully never to surface again.