Chapter 30 – {Home Is Where The Humps Are}

Home is Where the Humps Are

I cannot believe my good fortune. Wandering around the desert, I came across this long abandoned upscale home. Centuries ago this would have been marketed as a “condo alternative.” Look at that overhang to block the sun. I can relax in the shade sipping a pina-colada – except there are no pineapples or coconuts nearby. Oh well, one can’t have everything in life. But this looks pretty good to a camel of the Bactrian class such as myself. I just hope there are no nosy neighbors about – I did see a few centipedes and scorpions but they seem to keep to themselves. Very limited social skills.

If only I was a dromedary camel . . . then the title of this chapter would be, “Home Is Where The Hump Is.”