Chapter 29 – {The Problem With Zealotry}

The Problem With Zealotry

Clomp, clomp, clomp . . . trudge, trudge, trudge. So much sand . . . and heat! Yech! This tree will give me some shade while I rest awhile. Well, now . . . what have we here? There is no telling what can turn up after a desert sandstorm. If I recall my history lessons from good old Camel University, this looks like a well preserved automobile that was very popular centuries ago when those miserable humans roamed the earth. They worshipped cars (can you imagine?) and performed weekly rituals – such as applying polishing ointments and salves in order to gain favor. Some even performed these rituals daily! Special messages were displayed on different parts of the metallic bodies – such as, “My child is special . . . !” “So many men . . . so little time!” “I made $16000 in one hour working at home . . . ask me how!” Graphics also showed stick figure members of the worshipping families and their interests. It was a strange time back then . . . known as the era of 24/7 self-interest. Thank goodness they are all gone. Good riddance, I say!

And by the way, you may be wondering about that giant fence structure in the background. Probably the work of aliens. I can’t explain everything, you know.