Chapter 25 – {Alien Sentinel}

Alien Sentinel

To escape the relentless heat of the desert . . . a midday nap . . . perchance to dream. Ahhhh . . . and one of my favorite dreams . . . a visit to Woodhenge. Let me open my nostrils and draw in the refreshing ocean air. But wait! What is that shimmering object on top of that wooden icon? I am drawn to it. I cannot take my eyes off this object! It is taking control of my mind!

“Greetings, Clara. I am called Eye-gor from the far away galaxy known as Oculon.”

“Eye-gor? Oculon? That reminds me, I must see about having my eyes checked out. Things have been getting a little blurry lately.”

“Never mind, Clara. I have information that must be patterned into your camel brain. We of Oculon have been waiting patiently for anyone on your planet to reach a suitable awareness worthy of being taken to the next level of evolution.”

“Worthy? I always thought we camels were now the highest form of life. Why, do you know we can go 30 days without water?”

“Don’t be foolish, Clara. We are talking here about evolution of the mind. Now prepare yourself to receive our patterning – try not to think of anything . . .”

“Okay, let’s see . . . I could think of the ancient political system in the long gone United States . . . that ended up to be nothing more than petty children squabbling . . .”

“We have finished, Clara. You are free to leave. Perhaps we will contact future generations of your offspring to see what progress has been made . . . if any.”

“Offspring? Wow, I had better get busy and find a suitable camel companion. I was engaged once – but his family did not think I was a worthy partner.”

“You are still here? Begone, camel!”