Chapter 22 – {The Concept of Evil}


The Concept of Evil

That earthquake was so strong, it launched me way up in the air from the Valley of the Giant Clams to this place. But wait a minute! Are these monkeys . . . here in the desert?

“Not just monkeys, my double-humped friend! You have stumbled upon the lost kingdom of the Three Sacred Monkeys. I am called Ut, and these are my brothers . . . Sut and Nut. Consider it your good fortune to have found us.”

“Wow! Sacred monkeys! Here in this desert wilderness. Will wonders ever cease? Err . . . you mentioned something about ‘good fortune?'”

“That is correct, Clara. You see, we know your name. We know everything! Many have made the journey from far and wide to seek our wisdom. Few have found us . . . even fewer have taken our advice. We offer you the answer to a single question. Think carefully, Clara! We shall only answer one question.”

“Hmmmmmm . . . one question. Let’s see now. What is it I really want to know? Is the moon really made of green . . . no, I’m sure it is not made of cheese. Does the Republican Party really believe what they . . . no, they cannot possibly believe what they preach. Wait . . . I have it! What I really want to know is . . . why is there evil in this world?”

“You are mistaken, Clara. I keep my ears covered most of the time and hear nothing . . . I hear of no evil in this world.”

“Yes, and I keep my eyes covered most of the time and see nothing . . . I see no evil in this world.”

“So you see, Clara . . . I speak the answer to you, ‘There is no evil in all this world.’”

“That’s ridiculous! I know there is evil in the world. Cruelty occurs on a daily basis and has been recorded in our history books which I studied at Camel University. Sacred monkeys! What nonsense! You are hiding behind your reputations.”

“Clara . . . begone! Go and wander in the desert as before. You are indeed unworthy of our advice!”

“Sacred monkeys! I cannot believe it! Maybe I should have asked them why so many of our innocent young suffer? I wonder what their answer would be to that question? Oh well, perhaps it was all just a mirage from the desert heat.”