Chapter 17 – {Two Sisters – A Dialogue – Act 1}

Two Sisters - A Dialogue - Act 1

Two Sisters – A Dialogue

Act 1

(The curtain rises. Chloe, Clara’s identical twin sister makes her appearance. She speaks.)

“So, here you are. I’ve found you at last!”

“Chloe! What a surprise to find you here. I thought I saw a camel in the distance but had no idea it would be you. So tell me, how are things at home?”

“What do you think – running away like that! All because the Dromedary family of your fiancé would not accept you as Bactrian. You had to try and better yourself! I hope you’re satisfied . . . for all the trouble you’ve caused.”

“I caused trouble? How did I cause trouble?”

“Have you lost your mind? Mother cries herself to sleep every night and Father is absolutely livid. He had plans to lease you to an upscale sight-seeing caravan near Woodhenge.”

“Well, I am sorry about Mother but the thought of those overweight tourists on my back with their feet prodding my ribs . . . ugh! Listen, Chloe, just because we are Bactrian, does that mean we have to spend our entire lives as beasts of burden? Are only the Dromedary camels to live the good life? We are all camels regardless of the number of our humps. When we of the Bactrian class are cut, do we not bleed – just as all camels? I want to be free, Chloe, freeeeeeeeee! Free as the wind blows. Free as the sand blows . . . sometimes up my nostrils when I forget to close them during a storm.”

(The curtain falls on our hyperventilating heroine.)