Chapter 10 – {Après Le Déluge (de sable}

Après Le Déluge (de sable)

I am so tired . . . it just took forever to extricate myself from being buried after that last sandstorm. Funny thing is . . . I feel so different! Almost like I’ve lost weight. (Wiggle, wiggle) Yes, that is it . . . the heat from being buried in the sand must have removed some excess fat! Just like liposuction! Now I have my girlish figure back (wiggle, wiggle). If only that good-for-nothing ex-fiance could see me now. The sight of me would drive him crazy . . . with desire! Then he would certainly choose me rather than listen to his wealthy parents with their class-conscious decisions. Oh well, there are plenty more fish, I mean camels, in the sea. You know, these sandstorms sometimes uncover things that have been buried for centuries. I think I will take a stroll around the desert and see what there is to see. (Wiggle, wiggle).